About DFIN Solutions File16

As a web-based, self-filing solution, we believe that DFIN Solutions File16 will be invaluable for individuals and large companies alike. Created with the time-challenged user in mind, the system makes it easy to:

  • Create, preview, and transmit EDGAR-formatted Forms 3, 4, and 5 directly to the SEC
  • Generate Multiple Issuer/Reporting Owner filings
  • Manage securities, both holdings and transactions, per Reporting Owner, through web-based accounting functionality
  • Customize and attach templates for Power of Attorney
  • Automatically complete Forms with Reporting Owner and Issuer profile information
  • Save and re-use drafts and previous submissions
  • Maintain a footnote table
  • Feel confident in the secure SSL encrypted technology and DFIN Solutions's superior service

  • An Account for Your Needs
    Choose your account based on your anticipated number of Reporting Owners.

    Personal Account:
    • For individuals responsible for their own Section 16 filings
    • 1 Reporting Owner
    •  $550.00 for an annual subscription of unlimited issuers and unlimited filings

    • Þ Single Individual - $550.00 per year for unlimited filings
    Multiple Reporting Owner Account:
    • For anyone responsible for the filings of 2 or more Reporting Owners
    • Unlimited issuers and filings
    • Choose the range of Reporting Owners that meets your needs

    • Þ 1 - 10 Reporting Owners - $325.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 11 - 25 Reporting Owners - $650.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 26 - 50 Reporting Owners - $1,300.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 51 + Reporting Owners - $2,150.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ Pay as you go - $60.00 per filing. Billed monthly to your credit card.
    Proceed to the registration page or contact us for more information.