SEC and DFIN Closed 05/25/2020 in observance of Memorial Day Holiday - The SEC and DFIN Help Desk will be closed Monday, May 25th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. You will not be able to submit filings. Filings that would normally be due on Monday should be submitted Tuesday (May 26th).

About DFIN Solutions File16

As a web-based, self-filing solution, we believe that DFIN Solutions File16 will be invaluable for individuals and large companies alike. Created with the time-challenged user in mind, the system makes it easy to:

  • Create, preview, and transmit EDGAR-formatted Forms 3, 4, and 5 directly to the SEC
  • Generate Multiple Issuer/Reporting Owner filings
  • Manage securities, both holdings and transactions, per Reporting Owner, through web-based accounting functionality
  • Customize and attach templates for Power of Attorney
  • Automatically complete Forms with Reporting Owner and Issuer profile information
  • Save and re-use drafts and previous submissions
  • Maintain a footnote table
  • Feel confident in the secure SSL encrypted technology and DFIN Solutions's superior service

  • An Account for Your Needs
    Choose your account based on your anticipated number of Reporting Owners.

    Personal Account:
    • For individuals responsible for their own Section 16 filings
    • 1 Reporting Owner
    •  $550.00 for an annual subscription of unlimited issuers and unlimited filings

    • Þ Single Individual - $550.00 per year for unlimited filings
    Multiple Reporting Owner Account:
    • For anyone responsible for the filings of 2 or more Reporting Owners
    • Unlimited issuers and filings
    • Choose the range of Reporting Owners that meets your needs

    • Þ 1 - 10 Reporting Owners - $325.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 11 - 25 Reporting Owners - $650.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 26 - 50 Reporting Owners - $1,300.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ 51 + Reporting Owners - $2,150.00 per quarter for unlimited filings
      Þ Pay as you go - $60.00 per filing. Billed monthly to your credit card.
    Proceed to the registration page or contact us for more information.